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Technology solutions that put dentists and patients at ease.

Our products were built with the dentist in mind and the patient at heart. Using the latest innovations in artificial intelligence and over 10 years of expertise in computer vision, Pearl aims to usher in a new wave of AI-powered dentistry tools: Second Opinion to build trust with patients and reduce liability, Practice Intelligence to make practices more efficient and streamlined and Smart Margin to automate a more precise and cost-effective dental restoration process.

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  • Practitioners & DSOs

    Practitioners & DSOs

    Ensure a second set of eyes on every radiograph reducing liability and leaving more time for patient interactions. Gain insights into performance & patient populations across dentists & offices.

  • Lightning-fast Data Entry

    Dental Laboratories

    Optimize your workflow to grow your business. Ensure workforce's expectations align with their tasks and also bypass directly to design.



    Create efficiencies and reduce fraud, waste, & abuse by leveraging patented computer vision solutions to extend the reach & impact of claims examiners.

Practitioners & DSOsproducts

second opinion

In the world of dentistry, flawed or inconsistent x-ray readings are all too common. That's bad for patient trust—and can even put a dentist's practice at risk. That’s why we developed Second Opinion—a computer vision platform that can instantly and reliably identify dozens of common pathologies. Trained on x-rays annotated by a team of world renowned dentists, our system gives dentists and patients the peace of mind they deserve. The system is always getting better––making Second Opinion the only one you'll ever need.

Practice Intelligence

Managing dental practices with hundreds—even thousands—of patients can be impossible without highly specialized data from which staff can make sound decisions. How many patients do you have with 1-2mm of bone loss? Are your new graduate doctors diagnosing accurate treatments compared to your most seasoned and experienced dentists? Do you have enough patients consulting on their wisdom teeth to bring a specialist in more than once per week? Decisions based on this data can influence everything from hiring and firing to marketing, training, and ROI. Practice Intelligence uses computer vision software to drill down to the office-specific data that matters—even while you’re on-the-go.

Dental Laboratoriesproducts

smart margin

Creating a perfect dental restoration is a complex process. It requires that technicians examine digital models and manually mark where tooth and restoration meet. Margin marking is a time-consuming, error-prone exercise. Mistakes result in unusable restorations—and wasted time and money for all concerned. But help is here. Our AI-powered technology is revolutionizing the dental restoration process. Smart Margin has been trained by dental professionals to instantly score scans and execute margin marking with super-human accuracy, saving serious time and expense for dental labs and their clients.

Scan Clarity Score

Dental laboratories are often frustrated with the quality of scans sent to them for restoration fabrication. Issues range from lack of a visible margin, missing contact points, or defects in the scan. Pearl's Scan Clarity Score allows dental labs to score and bucket each patient scan based on margin clarity. If the scan is of high enough quality, the margin is automatically marked and sent on for crown design. If the margin clarity score is low, it is flagged for human intervention and/or for a call to be placed to the dentist. By systematically processing the quality of margins, dental labs, dentists, and, most importantly, patients benefit with higher quality dental restorations.

1Batch of Scans Collected
2Analyze Scans
3Determine Scan Quality
4Place in Appropriate Bucket
5Margins Instantly Marked by AI
6Crowns Can Now Be Sent For Design


Claims Review Automation

With thousands of claims received each day, it's an impossible task for carriers to ensure each claim is thoroughly reviewed by experienced examiners. More often than not, the vast majority of submissions are not properly evaluated. Pearl's computer vision platform analyzes radiographs and associated claim data to optimize workflows across all claims while adhering to carrier-specific requirements. With Claims Review Automation, adjusters' time is directed towards claims where their expert opinions are needed most.

Pearl Protect

Insurance fraud is a real and pervasive problem across medicine and dentistry alike. Dental adjudicators review evidence to evaluate medical necessity with the goal of limiting waste and abuse, but suspicious cases generally fail to be flagged in the first place. Pearl's patented processes highlight suspicious claims, enabling carriers to identify clerical errors & eliminate direct fraud.

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