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Born from dentists, built by visionaries.

Pearl was founded on the notion that artificial intelligence can be the dental practitioner’s always-on assistant and the patient’s most trustworthy friend. Its founders have a uniquely personal connection to the dental industry’s intricacies, as well as the knowledge and education to actualize the full and practicable potential that AI has to offer.

Both Ophir and Dr. Stanley grew up with dentist fathers, so concern for oral care has been ingrained in their hearts since childhood. Meanwhile, Ophir and Cambron have spent the past 10 years perfecting and applying AI technology during their time at the digital media company, GumGum, which Ophir founded in 2008. Dr. Stanley, who is now a dentist like his father, joined forces with Ophir and Cambron. Together they set their sights on the next great AI revolution: healthcare. Pearl is the product of their efforts.

Collectively, their vision and experience make them the ideal founders, practitioners and futurists to bring Pearl’s services—delivering better bites, trillions of bytes at a time—to an office near you.

our technology

Our suite of AI solutions assists dental professionals by identifying issues earlier and with higher precision. Using proprietary x-ray analysis capabilities, Pearl recognizes dozens of dental pathologies, existing restorations and natural anatomy, allowing practitioners to assess robust data across their practice, spend more time with patients and prescribe better treatment options. We’ve also built a suite of solutions to automate tasks for dental laboratories.

what make us unique


    industry-leading accuracy

    By instantly identify dozens of typical pathologies—with greater accuracy than the average dentist—dental professionals can easily explain predictive statistics to patients.


    trained by licensed dentists

    AI is only as good as its training data. We’ve compiled the largest collection of dental x-rays in the world and annotated this data with the help of hundreds of individually screened, tested and verified licensed dental practitioners globally.


    always learning

    Our system gathers live feedback from large and small practices, as well as from universities around the world. As such, new capabilities are deployed on an ongoing basis.

our team

Our team consists of well-respected entrepreneurs, expert dental professionals and evangelists of all things AI.

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