Our Story

Borne by dentists. Built by visionaries.

Pearl was founded on the notion that artificial intelligence can be the dental practitioner’s always-on assistant and the patient’s most trustworthy friend. Its founders have a uniquely personal connection to the dental industry’s intricacies, as well as the knowledge and education to actualize the full and practicable potential that AI has to offer.

Ophir Tanz and Dr. Kyle Stanley each grew up with dentist fathers, so concern for oral care has been ingrained in their hearts since childhood. Ophir and Cambron Carter joined forces at GumGum – a digital media company which Ophir founded in 2008 – where they spent 10 years applying AI technology to deliver solutions for digital advertising and sports sponsorship. Dr. Stanley, who became a dentist like his father, partnered with Ophir and Cambron Carter in 2015—and together they set their sights on the next great AI revolution: healthcare. Pearl is the product of their vision.

Collectively, their foresight and experience make them the ideal founders, practitioners and futurists to bring Pearl’s services—delivering better bites, trillions of bytes at a time to dental practices around the world.

What make us unique

Backed by unrivaled technological expertise and enterprise-level support, our solutions set the highest bar for dental AI.

Leading Capabilities

Our computer vision systems identify and measure the severity of the widest range of pathologic and restorative features detectable in radiographic and 3D dental imagery.

Superior Data

AI is only as good as its training. Our machine learning models are trained on – and continue to learn from – the world's largest collection of expertly annotated and curated radiographs.

Proven Experience

Serving AI solutions is as much about attending to customer need as about technical ingenuity. Our team has been commercializing AI for satisfied customers - including many Fortune 100 companies - for over a decade.

Our Leadership

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