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Our Technology

Machine learning and computer vision provide the foundation of every solution we offer.

Our Technology

Machine learning and computer vision provide the foundation of every dental AI solution we offer.
Second Opinion user interface
Second Opinion user interfacePearl dental AI segmentation x-ray image

GAN-Based Enhancement

Generative Adversarial Network pre-processors enhance images to ensure that radiologic analysis can be completed even when x-rays are degraded, over/underexposed or contain digital artifacts.

Segmentation Icon


Computer vision segmentation models distinguish individual tooth parts and supporting structures to provide localizing insight on the nature and extent of detected conditions.



Image preprocessors and expertly trained radiologic machine vision models work in unison to detect pathologic, restorative and anatomical features found in dental x-rays.


Detection and segmentation capabilities work in unison to assess the size of anatomical structures and scope of decay.

What makes us unique

Backed by unrivaled technological expertise and enterprise-level support, our solutions set the highest bar for dental AI.

Leading Capabilities

Our computer vision systems identify and evaluate the widest range of pathologic and restorative features detectable in radiographic and 3D dental imagery.

Superior Data

AI is only as good as its training. Our machine learning models are trained on the world's largest collection of expertly annotated and curated radiographs.

Proven Experience

Addressing customer need is vital to the success of any AI solution. Our team has commercialized AI for clients, including many on the Fortune 100, for 10+ years.

I've been using Pearl AI for a few months now and it is an incredibly clever piece of technology, working seamlessly with your existing x-ray software.
Dr. Nilesh Parmar
Parmar Dental
Second Opinion is so great for me because it's the ideal workflow to diagnose my patients and have an effective communication tool available for speaking to them.
Dr. Kunal Patel
Owner & Clinical Director
Love Teeth Dental Practices
After looking at several other dental AI options, my team and I chose Pearl. Our decision came down to performance and utility. Open margins and periapical radiolucencies are easy to miss and its the easy to miss stuff where AI helps us most. The patient age restrictions of other AI systems are also very limiting for a practice like mine. Pearl is the only artificial intelligence option that is practical to use with all of my patients day in and day out.
Dr. Daniel Naysan
Bedford Dental Group
In the last 15 years, we haven’t seen any profound developments in digital dentistry. Pearl has changed that. We’re going to see a huge pickup where dentists see that if they collaborate with AI, they’re going to become better dentists.
Dr. Victoria Sampson
38 Devonshire Dental
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What makes us the global dental AI leader

Our AI is authorized to assist dentists across six continents with the most robust clinical pathology detection capabilities in dentistry.
Pearl FDA advantage

More clinical detection capabilities...

We are the only dental AI company with FDA clearance for patient-facing detection of numerous common dental conditions affecting permanent teeth in bitewing and periapical x-rays of patients 12 and older.

Pearl Worldwide Clearance

...for more practices around the world.

With medical regulatory clearances for clinical pathology detection in over 100 countries, we are the only dental AI company elevating patient care for practices across the globe.

Pearl Receives FDA Clearance
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