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Download Report: Dental Patient Trust & Technology Survey

What's Inside

Technology’s role in building trust among dental patients

Dental practice owners who have successfully weathered the COVID storm have implemented new technologies – including the first chairside radiologic aid for comprehensive AI-powered dental pathology detection – which have increased convenience for patients and practices alike. To gain a better understanding of today's dental patient perspectives, experiences and expectations, we survey hundreds of U.S. dental patients to learn how well they feel they understand their dental diagnoses, the factors that contribute to patient trust in providers and diagnoses, as well as perceptions around the use of the latest dental technology, including artificial intelligence (AI).

Key Findings:

  • Patients struggle to understand their radiographs
  • Patients are more likely trust a diagnosis when they understand their radiographs
  • Trust in diagnosis is the most important factor affecting patients' willingness to accept treatment 
  • Patients want their dentists to be using the latest technology
  • Patients are more likely to trust a diagnosis if their dentist is using AI