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How AI is shaping the future of dentistry

Artificial intelligence, long ballyhood by futurists and science fiction writers, is poised to reshape dentistry. At work for years in hospitals worldwide, AI harnesses computing power to scan images and make sense of reams of electronic patient records in order to diagnose cancer, forecast health trends and coordinate care.

Now, those same technologies—computer vision, predictive analytics, haptic engineering, telemedicine—are just a few clicks away from changing the way you work. How? We’ll tell you. Just sit back, relax, and open (your mind) wide. This won’t hurt a bit.

Perceptions of AI In Dentistry

  • 63% Are uncertain if their dentist is reading x-rays accurately.
  • 55% Would feel more confident if another dentist verified their x-rays.
  • 82% Prefer that their dentist use the most advanced AI and diagnostic technology available